In 2016 we star­ted from a dif­fe­rent team set­ting and we exe­cu­ted some five con­sul­ting pro­jects. Out of tho­se five, three of them whe­re very worth­w­hi­le; we made a good click with the cus­to­mer and the assign­ments were deli­ve­r­ed in full.

In the­se pro­jects various steps such as Sales Stra­te­gy, Value Pro­po­si­ti­ons, a new Sales Orga­ni­sa­ti­on & imple­men­ted pro­ces­ses and a chal­len­ge on Account – and Sales mana­ge­ment see­med to be inevitable.

At Vogelsang sales stra­te­gy and review and rea­lign­ment of the value pro­po­si­ti­ons were very impor­tant to set the goals for the who­le team and all the cus­to­mers in the various mar­kets more clear­ly. At EKK Eag­le the defi­ni­ti­on of the Bensaou cus­to­mer model ope­ned many eyes, whilst the enga­ge­ment towards tho­se same cus­to­mers with more defi­ned steps in sales mana­ge­ment whe­re very impor­tant too. With Baten­burg we visu­a­li­zed the sales effec­ti­ve­ness of the team and defi­ned new value pro­po­si­ti­ons for the Mechat­ro­nics market.

We will review our per­for­man­ces at tho­se cus­to­mers next few month to find out in what way the cus­to­mer still uses the appro­ach we defined.