In 2016 we started from a different team setting and we executed some five consulting projects. Out of those five, three of them where very worthwhile; we made a good click with the customer and the assignments were delivered in full.

In these projects various steps such as Sales Strategy, Value Propositions, a new Sales Organisation & implemented processes and a challenge on Account – and Sales management seemed to be inevitable.

At Vogelsang sales strategy and review and realignment of the value propositions were very important to set the goals for the whole team and all the customers in the various markets more clearly. At EKK Eagle the definition of the Bensaou customer model opened many eyes, whilst the engagement towards those same customers with more defined steps in sales management where very important too. With Batenburg we visualized the sales effectiveness of the team and defined new value propositions for the Mechatronics market.

We will review our performances at those customers next few month to find out in what way the customer still uses the approach we defined.